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The Trading Coach directory provides a list of coaches that can coach or mentor you in trading the markets. Most coaches offer coaching via phone, email or internet and may travel to see clients. Please note that this directory is provided for informational purposes only. It is not providing advice or specific recommendations to use a particular coach or service. To learn more about trading coaching, click here. Click here for more information about a Forex Mentor or a Trading Coach in the USA

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John Locke

John Locke
John is the managing partner of Locke in Your Success, LLC. ( He is an internationally known trading performance coach and mentor, options trader and strategic partner with SMB.

Ray Barros

Ray Barros is a professional trader, fund manager, author, and educator. Since he started trading twenty years ago, his track record reflects a whopping 39 percent per annum return on a compounded basis. It means a hypothetical investment of $1,000 returned about $300,000 in the 20-year period between 1990 and September 2010. He is also the author of two books - The Nature of Trends and The Ray Wave.

Ray has been regularly featured in regional newspapers and publications like The Singapore Strait Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, Your Trading Edge Magazine, Singapore Business Times, and Smart Investor. He has also been featured on BBC (Asia), CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia and a number of Indian TV stations e.g. Channel 18 (CNBC Indian Affiliate) and UtV-Bloomberg.. In addition, Ray has given public and in-house seminars in Sydney, Singapore, Bombay, Shanghai, London, Tokyo and Taiwan.

Frank Dilernia

Frank Dilernia is the author of two trading books:- Analytical Market Trading, ‘a window into the future, & The Trader Trading ‘principles of successful Trading’. Frank is also the developer of a statistical Time and Price Trading Model that clearly defines Market dynamics, Cycles, Trends, and where price is likely to go. His Trading Model is used by many around the globe, and has gained respect from most market traders and analyst’s because it’s clear and precise.

Frank also provides coaching via his blog for any trader and any level of experience, which focuses on short-term trading on Index futures and Forex, along with trading stocks over weeks and months capturing the larger trends of the markets. Frank’s blog is updated more than 10 times per day, focusing on the SPI, DOW, S&P, Forex :- AUD/USD, EURO/USD, and GBP/USD, along with Banking stocks and BHP.

Brendan Egan

Brendan Egan is a Stock and Forex trader who specialises in day trading and swing trading. He coaches other traders in the areas of price action trading, trading psychology and money management.

Kerry Given

Kerry Given, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Duke) is the founder and managing director of Parkwood Capital, LLC. He coaches stock and options traders both one-on-one and in group classes; he has over twenty years of experience trading in the equity and options markets. Dr. Duke is a frequently invited speaker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and at the Traders Expo conferences. His formal finance training includes graduate level business and finance courses and advanced options training at the CBOE Options Institute. He has discovered first hand how difficult it can be to separate the financial facts from the marketing hype, myths, and get rich quick schemes. Dr. Duke writes a monthly column for SFO Magazine, Ask Dr. Duke, and is also the author of No Hype Options Trading to be published by John Wiley and Sons in January 2011.

Mike Hamilton

Mike's organisation, trade the easy way, is small and exclusive; trading isn't for everyone so I ask potential members to answer a few questions before I take them on. It's only by learning from my direct experience that you will survive and prosper in these markets so close contact is important to be able to offer the support that is needed. Once you are a member of our traders' community, you are offered a range of courses and mentorships from beginners to advanced trader economics courses so the journey from novice to professional is built around acquiring the skills and knowledge I use to take my days' money out of the market every day. I do not sell systems or indicators and I teach a very clear method of analysis that is pure price action. I see so many traders teaching others with several indicators and complicated set ups that I think it confuses people; trading is simple, you just need to learn the skills and develop a plan that you stick to. I have clients all over the world in most continents from Melbourne Australia, Toronto and all over so contact me to find out more.

John Howell

John Howell, A profesional trader featured in the book 'Secrets of Stock Market Traders exposed' will mentor and coach you every day while the market is open in the "LIVE TRADING ROOM". The Planet Wealth Live Trading Room focuses on educating the average person to become a trader or investor by understanding the dynamics of the share market and its behaviour through technical analysis.

It also provides the more experienced trader with an important resource to discuss strategies and cross check their own thinking with John and other traders. A minimum of one hour per day of Virtual Mentoring with a professional trader, John Howell - LIVE while the market is open! Access to see John's PC as he searches for potential trades. You will see his charts, watch him do his technical analysis and hear him explain everything, while being able to ask direct questions and get instant answers.

Sinan Koray, Sydney, Australia

Sinan Koray, is a trained Counsellor and Coach with over twenty one years of experience. He trades real estate, shares, CFDs and Futures. He is the author of three books including “Lift Me Up”. He has trained tens of thousands of people in Technical Analysis and Emotional Mastery. Sinan is passionate about the power of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Mike Lauderdale

Mike Lauderdale, has a Ph.D. in counseling/psychology and is also a trader. He currently counsel/coach traders.

Jon Levine

Jon Levine A full time Forex Trader and Forex Trading Coach. Jon has traded various instruments since 1992 and has mentored Forex for six years. Jon has written four ebooks about trading. Three for the Forex market and one for the futures market.

Jon's philosophy in trading is: 1- Know yourself. 2- Know your market. 3- Know your system

Understanding the first two principles give a person the confidence to trade his system successfully. Jon's trading system is based on price dynamics and human psychology. Students are taught how to be independent Forex traders by learning from example and applying the three principles above.

Based on technical analysis, Jon teaches students to recognize predictable market patterns that occur over 60% of the time in the market, and learn to take advantage of those patterns. He keeps the trading rules as basic as possible using minimal indicators. His system focuses on support and resistance, market patterns, and volatility. That combined with solid money and trade management has made the system consistently profitable since it's creation.

Jon offers three different mentoring courses which are three months in duration. One for day trading. One for midterm trading, and one for advanced day trading methods. Jon keeps the cost of his mentoring low by emailing detailed charts to students at the end of each trading day. (From midnight to noon Eastern time).

The charts explain in detail why a trade should or shouldn't be taken and why. They show all the valid trading signals and adheres to strict trade management stops to maximize profits while minimizing losses. Students review his chart with theirs to determine their daily trading progress. Within a month most students are taking the same trades as Jon and the system rules.

Jon also has a new live trading group run by a senior trader which is offered free of charge. It's an informal group where students can watch as trades are taken using our unique trading system. Students can discuss setups, current trades, share ideas, trade along and help confirm the trade rules with each other. It's a great way to bring students together as a group who share a common goal. For legal reasons we can't give investment advice, only trading decisions per our trading rules.

Alex Aardt-Linden

Alex runs He has been a professional trader for 18 years, trading equities and options on indices, equities, futures.

Julie Malillo

Julie is a Manhattan-based certified coach who lives in the Financial District of NYC (minutes from the stock market bull), and works with financial traders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals in high-risk
positions. Financial traders ready to take things to the next level work with Julie to focus on achieving greater success -- discipline, creating daily action tasks, defining the most successful approach,
staying calm and logical in the midst of fears..